Are you ready to detox the EASY way?
Give me 21 days & I can show you how.
Isn't it time that YOU....

Boost your energy without coffee (YES it is possible!)

Lose STUBBORN weight, especially around the midsection?

Naturally balance your hormones for clear, glowing skin & NO PMS!

Ditch your cravings for sugar, caffeine & alcohol

Learn how to easily balance your mood & manage stress with simple strategies that work

Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way...

I was on a desperate search for a solution to get rid of my acne (yes, I was in my 20s and completely shocked that I was getting pimples NOW). I tried every skin care product, cream and spot treatment, with no results. I went to my family doctor without success. What?? No one could help me? So every night after work I sat down at my laptop with ‘Dr. Google’ to see why this was happening. I found out that maybe my body was in need of a detox and I made an appointment with my local naturopathic doctor to get the scoop on ‘how to do it right’. After just 1 week into the plan my skin was glowing- GLOWING! My weekly headaches disappeared and my energy doubled (I didn’t need my usual 2 coffees to get through the day anymore). 

After completing my detox I thought, how could something so effective be such a secret? I did some more research and realized that all detoxes are not created equal. This wasn’t a cleanse or diet, I was eating tons of real food, avoiding a lot of trigger foods and my sugar cravings were less than when I was eating ½ a chocolate bar (the large size) everyday. I actually started to enjoy detox-friendly recipes and kept eating a lot of the foods after the program was done to keep my amazing results. 
Of course I was happy (actually, ecstatic!) with my results, but frustrated too, that other people with similar health concerns, would never find the simple solution that I found. After spending dozens of hours online ‘trying to figure it out for myself’ I was lucky enough to see a naturopathic doctor that knew what worked. No more guessing! I wondered how I could share my story with others that also wanted natural solutions for more energy, clearer skin and lasting weight loss. So, I went back to school, I became a naturopathic doctor myself, and now make it my life’s work to teach women how to detox for themselves- safely, easily, and with REAL results.  

Don't get discouraged--you don't have to do what I did!
You can take all that I've learned and start applying it right away 
(no expensive doctor's visit required!)
You’re ready to get healthier. Period. 
You've heard of (or thought about) detoxing but don’t know where to start.
You want something easy-to-follow AND a plan that works by eating REAL food.
You’re tired of needing that extra coffee just to get through the day.
Stubborn weight around your waist just won’t budge even with exercise.
You want to get glowing skin, shiny hair and strong nails without spending hundreds at the salon or spa.
You want to figure it out how to get healthy completely on your own.
You already know exactly which foods to eliminate on a detox (some might surprise you).
You know which detox supplements to take (& effective doses) to boost your results fast.
You would prefer to see a naturopathic doctor in person (even if it costs a lot more- that's completely okay!)
Your skin, hair & nails are super healthy.
You're at your ideal body weight.
You don't get afternoon cravings.
You don't need caffeine in the morning to feel energized.
You don't get PMS. 
You already know how to make healthy food taste good (and quick to prepare!)
Here’s what you’ll get with the 21 Day Whole Body Detox:
  •  34 e-pages of simple information on what exactly a detox is (and what it’s not) from a doctor’s perspective 
  •  Easy-to-follow food guide on what to eat and what to avoid on the detox (and why!)
  •  Get Started shopping list so that you know what to buy and exactly how much.
  •  A full 7-day recipe guide, including 19 mouth-watering recipes so that you never have think about what to eat!
  •  Detox your life guide: simple but effective tips to lower stress, improve your relationships and feel happier
  •  Specific doctor-suggested nutritional supplements in order to boost your detox (no more wasted time trying to google it;) 
The ‘easy detox’ cheat sheet for getting the most out of the program without having to think about it

FAQs from my past patients so that you never feel stuck or unsure-- I answer the questions you try to google answers for-- save your time and look at these instead!
Boost your energy without coffee, and no afternoon naps needed (Yes, it IS possible)!

Lose stubborn weight for good, especially around the midsection.

Naturally balance hormones for clear, glowing skin and NO PMS!

Ditch your cravings for sugar, alcohol and caffeine.

Learn how to manage stress & balance your mood with simple strategies that work!
Still need some convincing or not sure if this is exactly what you need?
(That's completely okay!) Read on...
Here's the truth:
My mission is to help as many women as I can get their health back, but not by spending months googling their problem & trying everything without success.

 No need to make an appointment. No need to wait to get started.

You’ll get the chance to use the same plan I use with my patients and the one I’ve been using myself for over 10 years ...but without the costly price tag of in-person doctor's visits.
(my average in-office detox programs can cost over $500 and worth every penny when all you want is to get your health back!)
No more excuses, no more 'tomorrow' or 'next month'... 
you deserve to feel your best with a program that WORKS. 
What are you waiting for??
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